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Hardware screws: stainless steel screws failure hazard and anti-corros…

Generally, carbon steel and alloy steel bolts fail when there are obvious corrosion products and thinning on the surface, and stainless steel screws will lose strength wi…

DIY articles, a simple understanding of screws

I will not talk about the parameters of the national standard. In my experience, I only need to know these three parameters. The D value is the outer diameter. The screw …

There are so many kinds of small screws, do you know how many types of…

Every day to do machinery to deal with threads, especially hydropneumatic, long time domestic and foreign, metric, imperial, straight, cone, sealed, unsealed, inner, oute…

People who engage in machinery use the most screws. There are 11 types…

It can be divided into:

How the screw works

It is well-known that when lifting heavy objects, it is easier to lift them vertically, use planks or iron plates, or use the inclined plane or the method of turning and …

The three concepts of bolt, screw and screw

In life, bolts, screws, screws, etc. are often mentioned. What is the difference between them? In fact, the standard argument is that there are no screws or nuts. Screws …
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