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common problem

DIY articles, a simple understanding of screws

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020/7/2 9:25:42 Hits:168
It is necessary to make screw holes for DIY. The following briefly teaches you a preliminary understanding of screw knowledge.
       I will not talk about the parameters of the national standard. In my experience, I only need to know these three parameters. The D value is the outer diameter. The screw commonly known as M is the value. For example, m10.m8.m6. The value of d is used to determine the value of punching. The approximate value is equal to D-P! The p value is the pitch of the screw. Each screw has a fixed pitch value to distinguish between coarse and fine teeth. A lot of nonsense. For example, to make m6 teeth, first drill a 5 mm bottom hole, and then tap the teeth with a wire. If the material is very hard, just hit 5,1 to 5,2.
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