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common problem

Hardware screws: stainless steel screws failure hazard and anti-corrosion

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020/7/2 9:27:03 Hits:174
1. The hazard of stainless steel screw failure.
Generally, carbon steel and alloy steel bolts fail when there are obvious corrosion products and thinning on the surface, and stainless steel screws will lose strength without causing any changes on the surface, causing serious damage to the structure or equipment. Its failure is more concealed and harmful.
2. Anti-corrosion measures for stainless steel screws
1. Use qualified stainless steel screws to avoid gaps in the structural design and avoid geometric conditions that are prone to surface deposition;
2. The stainless steel screw is effectively separated from the Cl-containing aqueous solution, and the gap cannot be avoided. The introduction of the anti-corrosion effect of the stainless steel screw should be understood by welding or filling the gap so that the aqueous solution cannot enter;
3. Adopt stainless steel materials containing high chromium and high molybdenum, especially in low temperature tank area, spherical tank area, and severe stress corrosion area, use good corrosion resistance steel, the effect is better.
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